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New Morning Classes!

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Think you are ready for the field? It's a rough world out there and your gear could be torn or damaged at any time.  Learn the skills your great grandparents tried to teach you but you stubbornly ignored! 


Combat Knitting will equip you to perform a tactical knit in the field even under duress.  Tear in your sweater? No problem: Combat Knit it.  Did you pick up extra gear on your mission, no problem, knit a sling to carry it all.  Is it freaking cold outside? No problem: Knit yourself a hat. 

Once they have completed a semester of combat knitting athletes are invited to join our advanced classes Combat Crochet, Emboldened Embroidery, and Battle Basketry.  


The arts of Mime and Ninja 

A great punchline and a great attack share one thing in common: Your audience never sees it coming.  In The Arts of Mime and Ninja we couple two powerful and ancient arts together to develop elite level stealth abilities.  Students will train in the gym and in the real world learning to entertain, deceive, and evade detection.  Students must supply there own face-paint but ninja stars are available for purchase at the front desk.  *$10 sharpening fee for dull shurikens*  


Everyone knows electric is the wave of the future. Join the green revolution by ELECTRIFYING your morning workout.  If you think HIIT was intense, just wait until you feel the JOLT.  In this 17 minute POWER BLAST of training we will hook you up to a portable and light-weight powerpack. (patent pending, trademark respected in 13 countries)  The power pack will send an electric JOLT into your muscles at exact moments scientifically proven to add 200% muscle growth with reduced recovery time.  

In the case of extreme over-exertion your power pack can also be used as an AED device.  *DO NOT DRINK COFFEE PRIOR TO THIS CLASS*


We live, play and spend time outdoors with our dogs, why not train with them as well?  In this dynamic k9 oriented class you and your best friend will be guided through a cycle of doggy and me movement practices.  Mastiff Muscle, Shitzu Massage, Jack-Russle-Rough-housing, are just some of the great offerings you will find at Man's Best Training Partner.  


*Chihuahas, Pomeranian's and other toy group breeds welcome as long as you have a baby harness you can store them in if they need a nap*