1203 12th Street,
Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 490-0418
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First Light Academy Programs

Jiu Jitsu Academy

​"Think street, train sport, and practice art." -Chris Haueter

Our Jiu Jitsu Academy builds self defense and sport ready athletes.  Training instills confidence, self-defense readiness, and technical prowess.  Jiu Jitsu is one of the greatest ways to get in excellent shape while building real martial arts skill.  Training is fun, social, and we host a family-friendly environment

  • 2 Year Program guiding athletes from white to blue belt

  • 6 month Assessments and training plans for each student

  • Advanced Training for Athletes on the path from Blue to Black Belt

  • Strong Competition Team with regular competition opportunities

  • We stand behind our blue belt athletes.  Our students demonstrate excellent technique and strategy

  • We develop excellent training partners by emphasizing a long-term and team-oriented mindset 

  • Our training is well-rounded and incorporates Judo, Wrestling, and Jiu Jitsu-specific ground techniques. 

  • We are affiliated under 3rd Degree Black Belt Michael Chapman and the Impact Jiu Jitsu Affiliation 

Kickboxing Academy 

Kickboxing athletes are revered for the conditioning, agility, timing, and skill developed in training.  Our program is designed to get athletes into excellent shape while equipping them with tools that can be applied in sport and self defense scenarios.  Our training emphasizes conditioning, technical development timing and strategy. Classes are excellent for practitioners from beginner to advanced. 

  • 2 Year Program guiding athletes from novice to intermediate practioners

  • 6 month Assessments and training plans for each student

  • Sparring and Mixed Martial Arts Training available to advanced students

  • Our kickboxing program is designed for real application and success in sport

  • Our training is safe and effective, we emphasize technique, conditioning, and timing over using force

  • The kickboxing program incoporates elements of Boxing, Muay Thai, and Mixed Martial Arts

Movement Academy 

Our Movement Academy is Fitness and it is so much more.  Reclaim your human nature and your adventurous spirit through practical skill building and physical resilience training.  Our students lose weight, look better, feel better, and most importantly MOVE BETTER!   Get in great shape while healing your body, tackling obstacles, and moving like you haven't moved in years.

  • 2 Year Program guiding athletes from novice to MovNat Level 1 or Level 2 performance 

  • 6 Month assessments and training plans for each student 

  • We take our training outside the gym and test it in the real world with obstacle races and outdoor training sessions 

  • Anyone can start training with us, our program is adaptable to meet your current level 

  • We emphasize longevity, consistency and resilience rather than pain and intensity 

  • We are affiliated under Erwan le Corre and the MovNat, natural movement training system. 

Personal Coaching and Small Group Training

Live the active lifestyle you envision. Break through barriers that have stood in your way for years. Get results.  Our coaches have years of experience and can help you move past the obstacles you face on your path to better health, happiness, and capability. 

  • Connect with one of our excellent coaches to set up 1:1 or small group training sessoins

  • Receive personalized coaching on your path in Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, and/or Movement Training 

  • Work on developing your personal "game" and quickly progress with the support of a coach 

  • Accelerate your learning with the support of an experienced guide!