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"I used to go workout on a treadmill and my mind would think about something else... I am not doing that stuff anymore. I’m very alive in this moment and that’s the thing I love about this gym My primary goal was to lose weight but I no longer have that thought.  My other goal was to be more flexible. More fit. More present in the moment.  Now I’m not afraid to move. I’m not afraid to move quickly. I’m very much alive.    I wanted to improve my mindset and to not care about things as much.  Just moving my brain, training myself to be very happy and very fit.  That’s my primary motivation and my primary goals. I just love coming to this gym to train.  I love the environment. I love my coaches How they always motivate me, cheer me up.  I love all the people I train with.  They are very experienced.  They do well, they move well...I want to do it like them. You know there are people at this gym in their 40s, 50s, 60s but still they train very hard and I want to be like them… you know?  

I just love the environment."

Phalguni Mogante

Hood River, OR


"My life was so out of whack. Sleep...eating...work life.... I learned to start treating my body like a temple.  I learned to be more kind to my body.  I started to feel more confident about myself. 

 It's not just about losing 20 pounds any more.  what can I do 1, 2, 3 ,4 5 year from now? That path of self discipline and balance... its a good path for me."  

Leslynn Entriken 

Hood River, OR

A good Path 

"First light is a welcoming environment with exceptional coaches that are always challenging you to grow both physically and mentally. Whether you are an adult or child, whether you are training to compete or for personal development you will feel comfortable and challenged at all levels. My son trains with Coach Alex and Jodi in the youth program and has excelled under them and continues to strengthen his character and confidence. They focus not only on learning the art of Jiu Jitsu, but on building integrity and personal responsibility with knowing a martial art."

Karen Furey

Stevenson, WA

Exceptional Program

"I began training at First Light Academy several years ago after moving from the Portland/Vancouver area. Having trained previously at Renzo Gracie Portland, I was worried about finding any training partners let alone an established school. The moment I stepped on the mats at First Light I knew I had nothing to worry about and had found my next Jiu Jitsu family. The quality of instruction and training partners is top notch and coaches are highly motivated to help everyone succeed regardless of their goals. Come check it out if you're in the area, there's something here for everyone."

Frank Kirkpatrick

Troutlake, WA

Top Notch Training

"I moved to the area and was eager to get back into training. Training at First Light Academy has been an amazing experience. The coaching staff is warm, welcoming and will help you achieve your personal goals. Whether it’s competing at a high level or to have a better quality of life."

Jacob Pont

Bingen, WA

Amazing Experience

"Always an awesome experience training here when I come to town. I would like to thank coach Alex for the kind and relaxed atmosphere he gives to his coaching style. I enjoy the personal attention to further my education of Jiu-Jitsu and his philosophy of the art that always sparks deeper thought to my personal goals of learning."

Jeff Nemeth

Grants Pass, OR

Home Away From Home

"I have been training in Jiujitsu at First Light for the last three years. As a law enforcement officer of 12 years I have found myself in situations where the skills I learned in Jiujitsu served me well in controlling combative subjects to end the aggression without harm to anyone involved. My training has been a great asset in maintaining a clear mind while fighting and the confidence I will win."

Zachary Yoder

Columbia River Gorge

Law Enforcement

This training is for those who are tired of being stuck.  Who want to accomplish goals, and meet dreams but feel those things are unattainable.  Immersion forces you to go out of your comfort zone and meet your goals as well as setting goals and being held accountable.  Alex doesn’t let you make excuses but helps you find ways to put your goals into action.  Immersion also helps build self confidence and inner peace.  It allows you to see your life from a different perspective and actively take steps to improve it. 


Ashley Salisbury

Husum, WA

Turn goals into action

"Alex has inspired me to really think beyond what I originally hoped to achieve.  Alex never pushed me to modify my goals. Rather, he gave me space to rethink them myself. I know that most of what I have done to lose weight and get healthier I have done for myself, but having Alex, Jodi, and the team there has really contributed to my success."

Denise Endow

Hood River, OR

Think Beyond

First Light Academy gives me a healthy, safe outlet to grapple in a very playful way. Growing up I always loved wrestling around with my friends and parents, but as I grew older those opportunities to playfully engage in rough and tumble play disappeared. In addition to fulfilling my desire to get physical, First Light's Brazillian Jiu Jitsu program also gives me an intellectual outlet. Since joining, I've learned Jiu Jitsu is extremely strategic. I'm constantly provided with problem solving opportunities in real-time. The combination of physicality, intellect, and kind community found at First light Academy made me an addict from day one.

Mark Oppenheimer

Hood River, OR

From day one